A Prayer for the Times

Father, we come to You in Jesus name asking for protection for Christians around the world. The world is trying to silence us.  Give us the voice to turn this around.

Lord, let Your people see beyond what is going on. Let them see that You are ready to come back to this world, and that you are ready to bring us home. Let us see with supernatural eyes, and only see what the Lord is doing in the world. Not what the world is trying to do to Him. Give us the strength to stand our ground for you and Your Word.

Jesus let the Holy Spirit fill us with the Peace only You can give. In these last days help us speak boldly to try and win souls for Jesus. I pray that the left behind people will find there way to a Bible so that they know what happened. Let them find others know You so that can share and learn what they should have before Rapture.

Lord, the government and the people think we are weak, but they have no idea how strong we are through the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I pray when that day comes when the believers are gone, they will realize just what happened, and fall to their knees and ask for forgiveness. We pray they will find there way through the seven years of the Tribulation living for the Lord Jesus and the sacrifice He made for them. Please cause all the preachers that are left behind fall on their faces in realization of what they did in not preaching the Gospel. The souls of the people left behind are on their heads. Make them  the driving force to redemption in the seven years they have left before Jesus returns to earth to set up His kingdom.

Father, we pray that millions of people will realize that Jesus is Lord.  Give those of us who know the energy to teach those who don't.  Your people are tired of all the wickedness in this world and are praying for Jesus return. We pray this in Jesus most precious name, amen and amen.

Rose Hess
Prayer Minister