Tue, Jan 01 2013 - 07:48 AM

A Promise A Day: Acceptance
Nomorechains (Diana)

"All that the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away" John 6:37 (NIV)

"Every person the Father gives me eventually comes running to me.  And once that person is with me, I hold on and don't let go" John 6:37 (The Message Bible)

I was a Sophmore in High School when I overcame my fear of water and learned how to swim.  I was learning all the different swim strokes and mastering most of them.  I had gone from a dread of 9th period Physical Ed class to anticipation of getting into the pool. 

One day, my Physical Ed instructor decided it was time for me to leave the shallow end of the pool and learn to swim in the deep water.  With knees knocking and a host of butterflies tap dancing in my stomach, I made my way down to the deep end of the pool. 

I am not sure what happened, but with no warning, no preparation, I was flying through the air and splashing head long into the water.   As I write, I vividly recall the immense panic,  the sheer terror of being surrounded by water and not being able to touch bottom.  In my panic, I began to thrash about with arms flailing and legs kicking.  I was taking in water and I literally thought I was going to die.  Another thing I recall about that horrible moment is that no one jumped in the water to save me. 

After what seemed like an eternity at the bottom of the pool, I came up for air to discover that a lifesaver was floating next to me.  I heard my instructor yelling "Grap the livesaver! Hold on and don't let go!" 

I made it out of the pool that day.  However, I never again ventured to the deep end and to this day, I will not get into any body of water in which my feet cannot touch bottom. 

Today, you may be feeling like you are drowning in a sea of difficult circumstances.  Perhaps, you feel like you are thrashing about in life with no one who cares enough to jump in the water to rescue you.  To this day, I still feel the sting of rejection when I recall a that in a room full of swimmers, teachers and friends...no one came to my rescue. 

If you, like myself, struggle with feeling accepted by God, remember that He loved you and I so much He "tossed" us a Lifesaver named Jesus.  He extends His arms of acceptance to you and I today with the promise that when we come to Him, "I hold on and don't let go" (John 6:27 The Message Bible).