This vision began with a view of a beautiful, large, white church with elaborately stained glass windows.  The spire rose high into the air, making it visible from all directions.

In the window above the double doors of the entry was a bright light. There were also lights surrounding the property.  Although it appeared to be midday of a bright sunny day when the vision began - the lights outshone the natural light of the sun.

Around the church was a beautifully manicured hedge of green shrubbery. The parking lots were perfectly paved, and the sidewalk in front of the church was swept clean.  The entire picture was pristine, undisturbed.

As I walked about taking in the beauty of the building and its grounds, it occurred to me that not one person had entered the church. This realization caused a strange sensation in the pit of my stomach.

Suddenly, while I stood facing the church from the sidewalk, the lights in the parking area were extinguished.  Next the lights inside the church and the one above the doors went out.  Then a shroud of utter blackness began to descend over the church building.  This was not a cloud, or a dense fog.  Neither was it a blanket like would be used to cover and protect a painting.  It was a black mass totally devoid of any good thing.  It eventually completely covered the entire building.

Once the church was covered, and obscured from view, this shroud began to extend itself to envelope the hedge.  The hedge, too, was now obliterated from view, all except for one tiny section of the left front of the hedge. 

As I watched this happening, a morbid feeling tried to overtake my spirit and heart.  It was difficult to maintain hope in that impenetrable blackness. But suddenly, peripherally, I caught a glimpse of light coming from the left. When I turned to look at it, I saw that it was a small candle housed in a glass globe.  This globe came to rest in the tiny spot of light which had not been overtaken by the shroud of darkness.

As I watched, holding my breath, the dead blackness repeatedly tried to extinguish the flame, but to no avail.  The light from that candle only grew stronger, and the Flame never flickered.

The interpretation I received for this from Pastor Sandy Ephrussi is that satan has always tried to kill the church.  He is making a greater effort now than ever since his days are so limited.  But as long as there remains one faithful, Spirit-filled Christian whose light will remain strong, he can never completely overtake the church.

Rev. Suzanne L. Taylor
Copyright © 2003