Lost or Found
Larry P. Taylor

Satan is alive and well
Looking for people to take to hell.
If this is not your goal
Jesus can always save your soul.
If you pray in earnest
To stay away from that fiery furnace,
And accept Jesus into your heart
Then your soul will not depart
Into that land of unbelievers;
That melting pot of underachievers.
Heaven-bound then you will be - -
With Jesus and angels, and even me.
What a blessing it is to survive,
To never die, but be alive
Forever and ever with our Lord;
To never have to see the sword
That brings death and pain and tears
To our loved ones for many years.
And all it is you have to do
Is believe that Jesus died for you
All alone upon the cross
giving His life without a cost.
To any one of us, so we might learn
That loving God will in turn
Take us from earth to love forever
With our Lord who will never
Stop loving us all, no matter what,
Just for believing in what He's got -
Which is an enormous heart
For salvation to impart
Upon everyone, one and all,
To hear the sound of the trumpet call
When the dead in Christ shall rise,
And we shall go with no goodbyes.
Lamb of God
D. F.

The sudden, stranger star was much too bright
For sleepy eyes that should be closed at night.
Waking, in baby wonderment, He saw
The gentle oxen lying in the straw,
And felt their warmth, and even smiled to see
A little lamb, as wide awake as He.

Traveling along a once - uncertain way,
The richly laden Magi came to pray,
With gifts of Frankinsence and jeweled gold.
And timid shepherds crowded to behold
Their king.
He didn't seem to mind, at all,
Having so many people come to call.

But mother Mary really understood,
And whispered that, because He'd been so good,
As soon as ever they were quite alone,
She let Him have a lamb to call His own.

But when the star grew dim against the dawn,
And all the seeking multitude were gone,
And hallelujah choruses were still,
And sunlight colored every waking hill,
And princely gifts lay glittering in a heap,
He and the little lamb were sound asleep.
His Gift
Tom S. Valles for Christian Activities

What I love at Christmas,
Is not found beneath the tree.
Yet it reminds me of another gift,
Sent one holy night for me.

A night when angels sand for joy,
And shepherds knelt in wonder.
"His Star" a blazing, fiery knife
Sheared the dark assunder.

His coming could not hush the sense
That Heaven's host rejoiced,
To see salvation come to man
Through Christ, the Father's choice.

All we celebrate at Christmas
Would be for nought without His birth.
There would be no "holy night"
and noe to worship on the earth.

Without His birth, there is no cross
To conquer all our sin,
And we would never know forgiveness,
Or hear Him beckon, "enter in..."

Christmas was and is salvation.
He is the hope of every nation.
The fulfillment of God's faithfullness,
And crowning jewel of all creation.
God's Unfailing Birthday Promise
Helen Steiner Rice

From one birthday to another
God will gladly give
To everyone who seeks Him and
Tries each day to live
A little bit more closely to God
And to each other,
Seeing everyone who passes as a neighbor, friend or brother.
Not only joy and happiness but
But the faith to meet each trial,
Not with fear and doubting but
With an inner smile -
For we know life's never measured
By how many years we live,
But by the kindly things we do
And the happiness we give.
Save the Summer for the Savior
Inez Wyatt

Did you save your summer Sundays
For the Christ of Calvary?
Did you seek His holy presence,
Bowed in deep humility?

Have you led a lost and dying soul
To trust His saving grace?
Have you helped a broken spirit
Find His saving tenderness?

Did you heed all wise counsel?
Did you live for Him each day?
When a task was set before you,
Did you always think to pray?

Did you wiotness for your Savior?
Claim the peace He offers you,
Have you done your best for Jesus?
He gave His life for you!
She Was a Mailbox Preacher


Florence Edna Diver

I knew a Christian lady in her sunset years
Who had lost an arm but who had plenty of vim.
She was a pure soul, much concerned for the lost.
So she tried to rescue them from sin.

He good arm was used to work for the Lord
She was handicapped indeed.
But she devised a way through the mailbox route
To sew the gospel seed.

She sent the Lord's messafe far and near
And preached to sinner, through the printed page
She sacrificed to meet the cost
For she was poor and received no wage.

This devout Christian lady never preached in a church
Neither had she a college dregree
But she sent the gospel light to dark place of the earth
For many lost sinners to see.

She has since passed on to her heavenly home
To dwell in celestial light
While she lived on earth her life was well spent
To rescue souls from sin's dark night.

The Lord is looking for diligent workers like her
Who will sew the gospel seed and pray
Many souls are perishing in neglected fields
So get bysy, Christian friends, today.
Various Authors

Lillian D. Miller

When I stop before a candle's flame
And my shadow's cast upon the wall,
By unseen magic of that taper
I seem to have grown graceful and tall.

My humble image has been enhanced
By a little candle's flickering glow.
When I'm called to stand before God's light
May He too a candle's compassion show.
Nowhere to Go But Old


I'm old
And I'm going to get older
Oh, my God
Seriously, it just hit me
All along I've been acting as if old
Age were the flu, or a sprained ankle,
Painful, inconvenient, but some -
Thing I'd get over
Which is not a bad way to act,
But I can't act that way any more,
Because I'm suddenly struck,
Laid low, weighed down
With the truth.
I'm old and I'm going to get older,
There is no alternative.
I don't have to try to do something about it.
A liberating thought,
If you look at it that way.
Help me to rejoice in the freedom
Of letting You run the show.
God's Gift
Lawanda Childs

The brightness of a sunny day
God put into your eyes,
The whispering of a gentle wind
He gave to you as cries.
The ability to understand
He planted as a seed,
And then He sent you here to us
To fill our one great need!

A Prayer By Saint Patrick

I establish myself today in:
The POWER of God to guide me,
The MIGHT of God to uphold me,
The WISDOM of God to teach me,
The EYE of God to watch over me,
The EAR of God to hear me,
The WORD of God to speak to me,
The HAND of God to protect me,
The WAY of God lie before me,
The SHIELD of God to shelter me,
The HOSTS of God to defend me,
Christ WITH me,
Christ BEFORE me,
Christ BEHIND me,
Christ WITHIN me,
Christ BENEATH me,
Christ ABOVE me,
Christ at my RIGHT,
Christ at my LEFT,
Christ in BREADTH,
Christ in LENGTH,
Christ in HEIGHT,
Christ in the HEART of every man who thinks of me,
Christ in the MOUTH of every man who speaks of me,
Christ in the ear of every man who who hears me,
Confident in Christ.
Prayer for Our Nation
Corina Ash

O Lord, that your guiding hand
Would be in all decisions that are made,
I pray O Lord you'll be the cornerstone
For each new foundation laid.

I pray O Lord, that each new day
More and more will awaken unto you
I pray O Lord, for your anointing
On all that our leaders do.

I fear O Lord, we've gone too far
In accepting not being heard
I fear O Lord, we've come too passive
In not standing by your Holy Word!

I pray O Lord, you'll refine our hearts
To make us more like Christ, our Guide
I pray O Lord, that - "to you"
Faithful we will abide!

I pray O Lord, that now as we need you most
We would seek your guidance from above
I pray O Lord, that as we take our stand;
We would do it, all in love.

© 2012

Thank You, Thank You Father
This morning I feel so much better
I slept the night away
Now I’m ready to serve You today.
Let me know what I should do
Please tell me what will please You
I thank You for the night’s rest
Want to give You my very best.
Help me begin with a new attitude
With an abundance of love and gratitude.
Bless me that I may be an encouragement
In Your name be an accomplishment.
I’ll pray for the lost and misunderstood
Help me be righteous and godly good
Above all show my appreciation
For Your ever-loving affection.
Your humble servant,

George (Friend of Emily Boeve)