What is a burden?  In Mr. Webster’s dictionary it says that a burden is” that which is carried; a load; that which is borne with difficulty; trouble.” Now let’s see what God says about burdens in our lives.

Matthew 11:28-30 tells us that all those who labor under a heavy burden can find rest in Jesus Christ. What is rest? It is anapauo. Strong’s # 373. It is made up from the words ana “up” and pauo, “to make to cease.” It means to cease from toil, be refreshed, have an intermission from your labors. These verses are contrasting the difference between the Pharisaical legalism that put people into bondage with the new covenant of grace that frees us. The yoke of grace is something that binds us together with Jesus. This yoke is easy to carry: Chrestos (Khrase-toss) Strong’s #5543. The word easy means that which is useful, pleasant, good, comfortable, suitable, and serviceable.

The world may try to overload us with stressful weights to carry, but Jesus takes away that weight. He gives us peace, and rest, and allows us to share His burden which is a relief from what we were used to. One thing we must do to achieve rest in Christ is humble ourselves. We need to admit we can’t do it alone. Until we come to a place where we can accept Jesus’ offer, we will struggle with unnecessary burdens. How can we help Jesus lighten other people’s burdens?

Let’s look at Luke 3:11-13. Not having the proper clothing to keep warm or attend a job interview is a burden that many carry. When compassion reigns in our hearts, and when we give the person the proper clothing to meet his needs, we have lightened his burden.

Money is often a burden on people. Taxes are a heavy weight on people who are poor. They are usually the ones who are taken advantage of by government, and made to pay an unfair share. The rich get rich, and the poor pay their taxes for them. So- if the tax collectors of that time, and the government of our time, would have stopped extorting money, and would have collected only what was due Caesar, and would have taken only what they earned, it would have made the load lighter for the people to carry.

Now, Acts 2:40-47. the fear we read in verse 43 is not the type of fear that causes terror or dread. It’s really the awe that comes from seeing miracles and wonders performed in front of their eyes.

As now, there were many people then who were in need. Someone there came up with a perfect solution to meeting all the needs of the people, and for sharing one another’s burdens, and places everyone on the same level of security. They sold all they had and divided it equally among those in need. Now each person carried the same weight of burden. No one was unequally yoked to anyone else. And, because of that love, many people were saved. I wonder how many people now would be willing to  make such a sacrifice for the unsaved.

Galatians 6:2 is the rest of the second commandment. As we love each other as ourselves, we begin to bear, hold up, and carry each other’s burdens.

Now we see that love is the essence of burden carrying for each other. Jesus helps us carry our burdens, and we must help the ones He places in our lives.  Also, if He leads you to support missions, or other ministries, that’s another burden lifter.

Pastor Suzanne

Copyright © July 31, 2002