The Song Beautiful Slave: A Child's Perspective of Human Trafficking

James Varghese/Special BCN Correspondent in India (August 6, 2010)
"There is hope in Jesus."

(India)—The Take No Glory band, has performed a beautiful composition and music video about human trafficking and child slavery, and has offered it to Indian Rescue Mission charity, an organization that rescues minor girls from forced prostitution to raise funds for their work on Anti Human Trafficking in India.

The name of the Song is Beautiful Slave and the composer of this song; Ian of Take No Glory, was inspired to bring out this song after reading an article released by an Anti-human trafficking organization about a girl sold, trafficked and forced into prostitution in India.

This exclusive video of this song is available on You Tube. (See the video by CLICKING HERE.)

Speaking about the song in an interview, Ian says "This song was composed [about] sex trade trafficking, the human trafficking in our world. It is based on the true story of a young girl forced into prostitution and some of the things she goes through the regular process in the brothel."

Artist Ian says "It feels like prostitution is a huge problem and that not much a single person can do or change anything. God spoke to me and told me to write a song and I wrote it. I wrote it from a young girl's perspective."

Speaking about the solution for this issue Artist Ian says, "There is hope in Jesus. The questions that arise in these situations are: Can God hear their cry? Does He see what's going on? Will God ever be able to help them? And the answer is YES, because in Luke 4:18-19 it says, 'The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He has anointed Me to preach the Good News to the poor. He has sent Me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor.'"

Artist Ian feels that our God is a God of Justice, and He would like to see these girls get rescued and lead a better life.

At the beginning of the song, the girl tells that she does not know where she is and brothel keepers, pimps, and managers have taken all that she has, and that she's been smuggled for a lucrative trade, beaten, bartered, broken in until she obeys them.

Then, the second verse opens and explains her innocent and safe childhood but now she feels that she has become someone else's treasure, strangers' pleasure, smothered in shame, succumbed with drugs and all she feels is pain—she wonders if this a dream and will she ever be the same.

She cries out. Can anyone hear her cry; will anyone break her chains, who will free her from this dark place? "Does God see me? What is His name? Will He help me?"

In the last verse, the girl says that her worst fear is her fate, and tells that she is getting older each day; and that the people in the brothel never mention her name. The girl says that she's given up all hope, in a "sleepless bed," inside the bars she feels "seared by each new face."

I run an Anti Human Trafficking organization in India called Indian Rescue Mission (IRM). Indian Rescue Mission and its team rescue children forced into prostitution, and seek justice against their oppressors; by identifying victims and perpetrators of forced prostitution and by mobilizing law enforcement agencies to rescue victims and arrest perpetrators. IRM assists the legal system in the prosecution of perpetrators and encourages rescued girls to seek justice and to engage in effective rehabilitation.

I feel that the song is right to the very last line. I think it's a very touching song. It is a reflection of what exactly happens with a girl in the brothel.

I also feel that it's a song of reflection on what is happening in the society today. This is a very up to date modern album. I am glad that there are writers who can't stop writing songs that reflect what they actually see around them. There's still much violence in the world and I'm glad Take No Glory has found a way to point that out, while providing the hope of Christ.

I feel that Take No Glory's work on the song was a picture of the Body of Christ: with many talents, gifts, and callings coming together to bring about something wonderful.

Hundreds of young girls like the girl in the song are sold, trafficked and forced into prostitution and many of them, in tears, cry out, "Is there any one to help? Does God see our situation?"

Being in the field of Anti-human trafficking, God has helped me to bring hope and restoration to hundreds of girls by rescuing them from their terrible life through Indian Rescue Mission. (Photo: James Varghese/IRM)

Will their voice remain voiceless or will we as children of almighty God rise up and raise our voices to fight this battle?

We hope and pray this song will bring awareness to 27 MILLION PEOPLE WHO ARE ENSLAVED TODAY.

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