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Rev. Suzanne L. Taylor

1. The Lord thy God is one God. thou shalt have no other god before Him. This includes family, friends, money, homes, jobs or shopping!

2. Thou shalt honor God through your friendship. Spend time praising, worshipping, and praying together.

3. Thou shalt eagerly uplift and encourage your friend, and uphold her/him in prayer.

4. Thou shalt help a sick or hurting friend in any way possible. Make a pot of soup for her/him, or baby sit so she/he can rest, or do any household chores necessary, including scrubbing the toilet!

5. Thou shalt not gossip with your friend, and especially not about your friend.

6. Thou shalt never covet your friend’s husband/wife, children, home, car, money, or possessions.

7. Thou shalt weep with a friend over her/his losses, and thou shalt rejoice with her/him about her/his victories.

8. Thou shalt never stay angry with your friend, or hold a grudge against said friend. She/he is a gift from God.

9. Thou shalt seek forgiveness immediately for any wrongs done to your friend by you, whether intentional or not.

10. Thou shalt never divulge a confidence entrusted to you by a friend.
God has brought you
Across my path
That we may become friends
Kindred spirits
Knitted together
In Christ until the end.

© By M.S.Lowndes