I Could Have Been

I could have been a writer...of best selling books.
I could have been a great actress...with my good looks.
I could have been a singer... of beautiful songs.
Or maybe a Judge...who rights the wrongs.
I could have been a landscaper, planting pretty flowers,
Or an architect..who designs houses and great tall towers.
I could have been a pilot...flying a big jet plane,
Or an engineer...guiding a long fast train.
I could have been a race car driver, with the fastest car in the race.
I could have run the Marathon. I could have taken first place.
I could have been a doctor, helping folks to improve their health,
Or maybe a financier...helping to improve people's wealth.
I could have been President of the United States, running this country.
I could have been a brave soldier, standing against each adversary.
I could have been a missionary, maybe far across the sea,
Or one of the greatest preachers ever, telling folks about Jesus...
And how He can set them free.
Yes.....I could have been someone really great, you see.....
But then everyone said, "No, this baby is unwanted."
And so....... They aborted me.

Emily Boeve © 2009
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                     Keep Looking To Heaven

As I looked up to Heaven.....
The clouds parted and there He stood.
In the midst of the clouds,
Just like He said He would.
Behind and around Him were a host
of angels, all white and glowing.
My heart was exploding.......
I'm ready!.....I'm ready!.....I'm going!
Many were going, now made whole...
Who once were lame, sick, deaf or blind.
But I also knew that too many,
would be left behind.
I prayed that my family was ready
and they'd be going too.
I also prayed for my friends,
friends like all of you.
I prayed for  all of them throughout my life,
telling them what they had to do.To repent
of their sin and ask Jesus into their heart,
.......So, Have you?.......
It was a glorious scene to behold,
and we'd soon be walking on streets of gold.
Then lightening flashed, thunder clapped,
a storm was coming, or so it did seem.
My heart was pounding, I awoke with a start,
It was only a dream..........
Now, I ask you, are you ready,
When Jesus parts the clouds above?
Have you accepted His free gift of salvation,
that He offers to you, with love?
If not, please bow your head right now and pray.
Tomorrow may be too late so do it today!
                                Emily Boeve ©
To A Precious Valentine

My Dear One,

I want to tell You, how much I love You,
But, I don't know where to start.

Words can not express this love.....

And how full, You've made my heart.

Before we met and I fell in love with You....

I had wandered aimlessly and found only sinful things to do.

When I had doubt and fear, You were always there.

When I found that I had hurt You, it was more than I could bear.

I cried, as I fell to my knees, in a sinners prayer.

But, You forgave me and lifted me up,

Showing how much You care.    
You died a cruel death, pon the cross,

To prove Your love for me.

Now, for the rest of my days, upon this Earth,

I'll prove my love to Thee.

Sweet Jesus, I thank You, for being mine.

For being my Lord and Savior and my precious Valentine!

Emily Boeve ©
  A Special Valentine

  It's Valentine's Day.

A time for hearts,.................and expressions of love.
And where did all of this start? From the Master, up above.
He sent His Son to die.....That we might live.
How much more love..............Can anyone give?
Jesus loved us so much, He died for our sin and shame.
He still loves us and will forgive us, if we only call on His name.
He has a much deeper love,  than yours...or mine.
       He was the greatest expression of love!
And certainly,...........
       He was the first and the best.........Valentine.

Emily Boeve ©
My Baby

Velvety hair and silken skin,
A turned up nose and a wobbly chin.

Tiny Fingers and little toes,
Today he's so little.....
Tomorrow, he grows.

Pretty blue eyes, in my baby's face,
His tiny reminders, all over the place.

My love for my baby, fills my heart,
One smile from him, can tear me apart.

You look at him and what do you see?
A precious angel.....
And God gave him to me.
Emily Boeve

This was written when my first child was born.

When I feel the darkness, I can see the fire.
Lead me God, with Your cloud today.
Your command is my heart's desire.
You led Your children out of Egypt,
Right through the Red Sea, they walked on dry land.
They were Your "Peculiar" people,
So You led them with Your mighty hand.
You chose Moses to lead them, to walk Your way.
You gave them a cloud to follow, all through the day.
You planned ahead, with Your wise insight,
And gave them a fire to guide them by night.
When they were hungry, they did murmur and complain.
Still, You forgave them and fed them, again and again.
You led them out of Egypt, through the desert,
Through the Red Sea, to dry land.
Now I pray dear Lord, lead me out of the chains of bondage,
Through the desert of trials, by Your mighty hand.
Help me show others, Your infinite love,
Until You take me to Your Promised Land...
To my Heavenly home above.
Emily Boeve ©
Dear God, The Trees

As I sat at ease and took in the view...
The things around me....reflected You.
I see a grove of trees, swaying gently,
In the Autumn breeze.
The tiny seedlings...just starting out...
Bend so easily, until they grow old and stout.
Some are gnarled and bent,
They lean on each other.
Others are straight and tall,
Independent of one another.
The young trees, look up to their elders...
In wonder and in awe, they feel like such a little twig,
And they wonder...Will I ever get that big?
These trees, they mean a lot to me...
With their feet planted firmly in the sod.
They reach upward, ever upward...
Reaching to Heaven and God.
This should be an example,
To Christians, all around,
To plant their feet... on solid ground.
Stand up for what you believe, stand straight and tall.
Be a good witness, for the young and the small.
Be prayerful, with each step you take,
As up the road of life you trod.
Keep reaching upward, ever upward....

Emily Boeve ©
Emily Boeve
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Look On The Brighter Side

Let's look on the brighter side...
From this day on.
The sins we have committed...are forgiven...
And now.....they are gone.
Count your blessings, one by one.
Thank God, the Father, for all He has done.
Don't look so angry...don't look so sad.
God sent us His Son, the only one He had.
He could have kept Him in Heaven....
And sent us to hell.
But He chose to let Jesus die for our sin.
So, open your hearts' door and ask Him to come in.
Have you received Jesus into your life, my friend?
Have you committed your life to Him....
For a love that will not end?
Just talk to Jesus, for a little while.
You too will find peace and a happy smile.
When you receive Jesus, He'll turn the tide....
And then we can look.....on the brighter side.
Emily Boeve ©
Have You Answered The Call?

What can I do?...I'm only one.
As I look around, there's so much to be done.
There are the sick and the hungry.....
And so many are still lost!!!.....
It all takes money.....But what is the cost?

How much does it take, to feed the hungry,
Visit the sick and the prisoners.....
And witness to the lost?
Lord, how much will it take?
How do we figure the cost?

Where do You want me to start?
Please dear Lord, just lay it on my heart.
God, there's so much to do...I know this,
But I just can't do it all...
But Lord, show me where to start.....
And how to answer the call.

Show me, sweet Jesus... how to do my part,
How to do Your will.....
And share with others, the joy, that's in my heart.
There's one more thing folks,...I'm asking you all.
How about you? Have you answered the call?
                                    (c) Emily Boeve