Revelation Study Helps
Large millstone
Small millstone found in Capernaum
Below is the dried riverbed of the Euphrates.  This drying is caused by drought and by other nations rerouting the river.  But in Revelation, an angle will pour out the bowl of judgment that will dry up the Euphrates so that all the kings and their armies can cross the river on dry land and come to the final battle: Armageddon.  They think they will finally destroy Israel, but they will be slaughtered instead. Once that battle has been fought and the great harlot, Babylon finally and forever falls, Jesus will come in great glory and the rest of all prophecy will be played out.
The 14 doxologies of Revelation.  Doxologies are:  A brief formula for expressing praise or glory to God. Doxologies generally contain two elements, an ascription of praise to God (usually referred to in third person) and an expression of His infinite nature. The term “doxology” (“word of glory”) itself is not found in the Bible, but both the Old and New Testaments contain many doxological passages using this formula  (Holman Bible Dictionary).