It was a warm sunny day, both in fact and in the vision.  I saw myself laying on the ground.  My head was propped up on my left hand, and with my right hand I was picking up grains of sand and stacking them upon each other.  When I looked up to see how many I had stacked, I saw in heaven a golden throne with a long line of lamp posts running along side of it.  It was just gorgeous.

Pastor Suzanne L. Taylor
Copyright © 2003

For three nights in a row, I dreamt that I was standing before a large crowd. I was standing on an elevated platform facing the crowd. There were many people there, but I couldn't make out any of their features. They were all sitting there quietly listening to what I had to say.

Several nights later, I dreamt I was standing on the east bank of a river, but needed to be on the west bank. I was searching for a bridge, or a boat, that could carry me to the other side, but found neither.  My feet were bare in the dream. As I pondered how to cross the river, I placed my right big toe on the surface of the water.  It did not penetrate the water, so I placed my right foot on the water, and it was supported.  Filled with joy that I could now cross to the other side of the river,  I began to walk on the water.

Suddenly, as I was midway between the east and west banks of the river,  from my right side came this booming, fierce voice that shouted, "What are you doing walking on water?"  Not missing a step in my determination to traverse this body of water, I simply replied, "I have to get to the other side!"

As soon as the big toe of my left foot touched the opposite bank, this dream ended.

Two days after this dream, and again for three nights in a row, I had the vision of myself preaching  before that same crowd again.  It was different this time.  Now all the people were standing with arms outstretched above their heads.  They were all shouting praises to the Lord as they waved strips of white fabric as though flags of surrender.  I could not see the faces of family members, friends, and neighbors.

The end of this dream sequence.

The above dreams came to me in a series.  They all took place within ten days. I believe the Lord gave me the two bandstand dreams three times each because they are the important parts of the series.  God is going to use this ministry to take lifeless Christians and turn them into vibrant, Spirit-filled, joyous lights for His world. The river dream is signifying that I must cross something in order to realize this appointment.

What must I cross?  The River of Life, the River of Abundance, the River of Truth, the River of Ministry.  I must cross over the river of Trust in the Lord. It's been very easy for me to sit here at the computer each day ministering to people I can't see, feel, or smell.  But God called me out for something else as well.  The Holy Spirit specifically told me that I will preach the love of God from the pulpits of other pastor's churches.  I must cross the river from the bank of comfort to the bank of the unknown.  This ministry the Lord has called me to  must go forward as He has defined it for me.

Since you have found this dream sequence, I assume you love the Lord and want to see His people saved, healed and made whole.  If that is the case, please pray for this pastor, this ministry, and the open doors we can pass through to accomplish what the Word of the Spirit spoke into my heart.

God bless each one of you.

Pastor Suzanne L. Taylor
Copyright © 2003