Do you have a prayer request?  Does someone you know have an illness from which they need to be healed?  Are your finances in need of a boost?  Whatever your requests, there are people to serve you with prayer.  

You can send your request to Pray For Me here at NBM found here.
Here it is! The recipe page some of you have asked me to post.  It's certainly not finished yet.  I have many more recipes to share with you all.  I'll add them every so often.

The blank box on the page is where you can type your favorite recipes to send in and share with the rest of us foodies.  Please send only those you really cook.  If it's someone else's recipe, please give the credit.

The Spaghetti Salad recipe can be found here at the bottom of the page.
Cookie recipes here!
If you would like to receive the occasional revsnote articles I write, click here, Simply write "revsnote" in the subject line and I'll add you right away.
Anyone out there like to write?  We are looking for bloggers who enjoy writing Christian based, inspirational blogs that encourage and uplift the reader. If you would like to participate, please read our Blog Writers' Guidelines Then submit your blogs here.
Watch this video by Bishop E. W. Jackson before you vote in November.    This man, and the other speakers,  make sense and debunk what's being promoted by the democratic party.

These were recorded before the last bogus election.

Please remember to vote in November 8, 2016!
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