We are so glad you found this page.  The contents associated with this page have been developed with the salvation of the lost in mind. If you are reading in these pages, most likely you have not yet accepted Jesus as Savior and are seeking Him. As with God, we desire that "none should perish, but have everlasting life" (II Peter 3:9), therefore, we have created this environment where you can come, read, get to understand the Lord and, when you are ready, give your life to Him.

This information will also prove beneficial to those who have wandered away from the Lord Jesus and are longing to return to Him.  Being out of God's will for your lives makes your hearts heavy. You need the Lord's rest where you may once again feel the peace of belonging to Him (Matthew 11:28)

The Lord says to all of you, "Come" (Mark 1:17).
He warns that we don't know how long our days are, or when the Lord Jesus will come for His bride (all who have accepted Jesus as Savior) thus He warns us to, "... keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come" (Matthew 24:42).

The links on this page will take you to information that will help you understand about salvation and show you how to give your lives to Christ.

Pastor Suzanne
Born Again
Palm Sunday Victory
Raymond Orner

They cut the branches from the trees
And strewed them in the way,
Because they knew their Lord and king
Would come along that day.

They sang Hosanna to the King
And praised His holy name -
Now even in this modern day,
We, too, should do the same.

The Christ who came that palm-strewn way
To enter in the gate,
Will enter in your heart today,
So do not make Him wait.

That palm-strewn path of long ago
Is still a victory sign
That Christ still comes along the way
Into Your Heart and mine.