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I want to follow Lord and my God.
I want to follow the footsteps, that Jesus trod.
To choose my words, with utmost care...
Knowing He hears me...He's always there.
I want to draw others to Jesus, with kindness and love.
And tell them of Jesus and Heaven and our Father above.
To tell how Jesus died, to save us all from sin.
If we only repent and call on Him.
By His stripes, He will heal, all that is wrong. 
Jesus paid it all, like it says in the song.
I want to tell others of Jesus, while I'm still here,
So they'll ask Him in their heart and feel Him near.
They will feel His love and know no fear.
They'll know forgiveness and feel His love so dear.
Now, won't you ask Jesus for forgiveness of your sin,
And open your heart's door and ask Jesus to come in?
If time would end today, you would know such sorrow.
My friend, there's only today, you're not promised tomorrow.
Won't you ask Jesus to save you now? Please don't wait!
Now is the time....Today!  Before it's too late!
To make that choice now, would be good and well.
I want you to go to Heaven.......not hell !!!

Emily Boeve ©

To be a Christian...Losing logic, is a must.
You just have to follow Jesus.....
In total faith and trust.
Whatever happens in your life,
Whether good or bad or in between,
Just lean on Jesus and lean and lean and lean.
We'll know all the answers, when we leave this Earth.
But for now, just trust Him.....for all you're worth.
When things don't go, the way you think they should...
Remember...God can take that evil and make it good.
Now it may not be anything you've done.....
And don't think for a minute, that the old devil has won.
When things go wrong, keep your eyes on Jesus, that's a must.
Keep looking to faith and trust.

Emily Boeve ©
Dear God, The Trees

As I sat at ease and took in the view...
The things around me...reflected You.
I see a grove of trees, swaying gently.
In the Autumn breeze.
The tiny seedlings...just starting out,
Bend so easily, until they grow old and stout.
Some are gnarled and bent,
They lean on each other.
Others are straight and tall...
Independent of one another.
The young trees, look up to their elders....
In wonder and in awe, 
They feel like such a little twig.....
And they wonder...Will I ever get that big?
These trees, they mean a lot to me....
With their feet planted firmly in the sod.
They reach upward, ever upward....
Reaching to Heaven and God.
This should be an example,
To Christians, all around,
To plant their feet...on solid ground.
Stand up for what you believe. Stand straight and tall.
Be a good witness, for the young and the small.
Be prayerful, with each step you take,
As up the road of life you trod.
Keep reaching upward...ever upward....

Emily Boeve ©
God's  Way

Jesus finished the job He was sent to do.
I'm trying to.......Are you?
First, you surrender. God doesn't force you.
Victory is gained by submission.
To do so willingly, is what He wants you to do.
He'll accept your repentance and forgive your sin.
He'll help you with your trouble and strife.....
If you let Him in.
If you want to follow Jesus, take up your cross and follow Him.
Your cup of blessings will be full to the brim.
Seek His guidance, in all you do.....
And He will shower blessings down on you.
What are you waiting for?  Do it today!
Repent and submit.  Do things God's way!

Emily Boeve ©
My Testimony

I searched for years, til' I came to this place.
Where I finally found, a smile for my face.
One night, as I was lying in bed,
A part of a verse, came into my head.
I couldn't sleep, so I arose
And by the Holy Spirit, I was led,
Downstairs to get my Bible.
The twenty Third Psalm, Is what I read.

Yes, I was looking for Jesus!
I was wandering in fear and full of doubt,
Trying to find Him in churches.....
But mostly looking.....without!
To find my Lord and Savior...became my goal.
Then to my surprise, I found Him.
He was right there all the time...
Just a tuggin' at my soul.

I opened the door and I let Him in.
He lifted all my burdens and He pardoned all my sin.
No longer do I have to search, no longer do I prod.
Now, at last, I've found my Savior,
And I belong to the family of God.
Praise the Lord!
Now I'm a child in the family of God.

Emily Boeve ©
Dear Father

Dear Father in Heaven,
Please hear my plight.
As I pray for my loved ones...
Tonight and every night.
I pray for their salvation,
Their daily lives, their safety, 
and their health.
For You to guide their life and love...
Would be their greatest wealth.
Help them realize, in everything they do...
Nothing will succeed or be pleasing,
Unless, they've included You!
Lead and guide their thoughts and what they say.
Father, please draw them close to You
And grant them wisdom, to walk Your way.
Hold them close in Your loving care.
Help them feel Your Presence...
That You're always there!
If they're making choices, that don't reflect You,
Please open a different door, for them to walk through.
Some are hurting and struggling, with a variety of pain.
They need You to show them answers, ....
to the problems and strife.
So they will be happy again,
With You in  their life.
This is my prayer for my loved ones, Oh Father Devine.
I pray for Your answers, to be Your will, not mine!
I love You Father.........Really, I do!!
I'll say amen now.....and Thank You!

© (Pending) Emily Boeve
Voice Of A Sinner

Dear God, I'm lost...won't You show me the way?
I'm so lost, I can't remember how to pray.
Now what would God want with a sinner like me?
I've been about as sinful, as I can be!
I'd have come to church on Sunday.....
But, I went out.....on Saturday night.
Well, You know God....I drank too much,
And then there was that fight.
You know God, it's really wasn't much fun for me.
It's just not like it used to be.
Say, look here now, what am I doing on my knee?
What's that You say? There's still a chance for me?
Even me?.... Now?... Today?............
If I ask for forgiveness and confess before men?
Dear God, I'm sorry, Forgive me this day,
And I'll confess before men...Just show me the way!
Oh God, By the way,...Thank You!....,
For letting me..........A sinner,
Remember....How to pray.

Emily Boeve ©

Another year is ending, quickly coming to a close.
I want to thank You Father,
For taking me down the paths, You chose.
The road wasn't always smooth
And a lot of times, it went uphill.
But You always cleared the way for me,
As long as I stayed in Your will.
Sometimes, I faltered, as I walked along life's way.
Yet You were there to give me Your strength,
To see me through each day.
When I was ill, Your healing power came through.
Oh, my God, my Father, how I love You.
So as this year closes and another year begins...
Father, Please forgive me, of my daily sins.
Let me walk bravely, on that rough and uphill road.
Let me be aware of Your strength,
That's always there to lighten my load.
When I'm in doubt, Father, calm my fears,
And if I should cry, please kiss away my tears.
If I falter, as I walk along life's way,
Dear God, give me strength,
To see me through each day.
As this night and this year ends.....
And my heart is still,
My prayer for each day of the new year,
Is to walk steadfastly, in Your will.
Emily Boeve ©
To A Precious Valentine

                   My Dear One,
                   I want to tell You, how much I love You,
                   But, I don't know where to start.
                   Words can not express this love.....
                   And how full, You've made my heart.

                    Before we met and I fell in love with You....
     I had wandered aimlessly and found only sinful things to do.
     When I had doubt and fear, You were always there.

     When I found that I had hurt You,
 it was more than  I could bear
     I cried, as I fell to my knees, in a sinners prayer.
      But, You forgave me and lifted me up,
                     Showing how much You care.

          You died a cruel death, upon the cross,
              To prove Your love for me.
            Now, for the rest of my days, upon this Earth,

                          I'll prove my love to Thee.
               Sweet Jesus, I thank You, for being mine.
        For being my Lord and Savior and my precious Valentine!

© Emily Boeve
  My Child My Grace Is Sufficient For Thee

When the world throws a curve, or two or three,
And Satan's playing a game with me.....
 I know I'm alright and Jesus loves me,
As I hear Him say, gently to me....
My child, My Grace is sufficient for thee..
My Grace, My Grace, is sufficient for thee.
I claim this promise...He's given to me,
 My Grace, My Grace is sufficient for thee.
I've gone down the road of hard knocks before.
My heart was heavy, with the burdens I bore.
But I see an end to this worry for me.....
As I hear Him say gently to me.....
 My child, My Grace is sufficient for thee,
My Grace, My Grace is sufficient for thee.
I claim this promise, He's given to me.....
My child, My Grace is sufficient for thee
I took Jesus in my heart, one beautiful day.
Now walking with Him, is "The Only Way,"
He keeps growing dearer and dearer to me...
As I hear Him say gently to me.....
My child, My Grace is sufficient for thee.
My Grace, My Grace, is sufficient for thee.
 I claim this promise, He's given to me.
My child, My Grace is sufficient for thee.
Softly He's calling...calling to you...
To open your heart's door and let Him come through.
Let Jesus in,...Let Him have His own way.
You'll be so happy, when you hear Him say.....
My child My Grace is sufficient for thee,
My Grace, My Grace is sufficient for thee.
I claim this promise, He's given to me.....
My child, My Grace is sufficient for thee.

Emily Boeve ©