I have felt the call of God on my life since the age of twelve. Having been raised in difficult circumstances, however, I did not heed that call. Instead, I ran from God not to God.  God in His mercy never gave up on me though. He pursued me in love and with grace until I was over forty years old. Then, finally, I was ready to answer Him.

By this time my husband, Larry, our son, Chris, and I had moved to central Maine.  Chris and I began to attend a small church there, and we found Jesus as our Lord and Savior, each in our own time.  (Larry and our daughter, Karen, soon came to the Lord as well.  Later our grandsons Daniel and Matthew and other family members also came to Jesus.)  God grew me up quickly in the faith from that moment on. 

As my faith grew and developed, I moved on to other churches, always seeking for what I still felt was missing in my Christian walk.  I finally came upon the church that had my answers.  It was a small family church pastored by Pastors Steve and Sandy Ephrussi.  Pastor Sandy became my mentor, and guided me gently into new understanding.  With her tender encouragement, I began to listen to and accept what the Lord had for me to do.  With Pastor Sandy's help, I became a licensed minister through The Spirit of Fire Evangelistic Ministries in Lewiston, Maine.  

In 2000, Larry and I had moved to Putnam, Connecticut and lived there for almost nine years where I pastored a small house church called New Beginnings Ministry.  This web site is an extension of that ministry.  

I am excited to tell you that Larry and I, along with our daughter, Karen and her family have moved to central Maine, praise God, and are happy and comfortable in our new home.  I still pastor New Beginnings Ministry, but now it's on the Internet instead of in our home. 

It is my prayer that all who browse this site will find the truth of who Jesus Christ truly is.  God bless you.

Pastor Suzanne                                                                                                       
One day in November of 2000 as I was reading my Bible and praying, the Holy Spirit spoke into my heart these words, "Suzanne, you have so much to learn. We are working on you."

That message has been such an encouragement to me as I walk out my salvation each day.  It is a message I wish to share with all of you. God is working on you too. Don't give up. Press on, and He will meet you wherever you go as you continue to trust in Him. 
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