Prayer should be a wholly holy mission of petition  sent heavenward on the wings of an angel.     
Pastor. Suzanne L. Taylor
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New Beginnings Ministries was called into being by God for the purpose of spreading His Word to the lost, shepherding the sheep, and for teaching the Word of God wholly, undiluted, for the salvation of all people, and for the development of Christians. 

It is our belief that the Old and New Testaments were divinely inspired by God, and they are the final authority at New Beginnings Ministries (NBM). The Bible is trustworthy for directing our paths, for building our faith, and for equipping us for the work of the ministry, and God's kingdom.

NBM proclaims the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as the atoning sacrifice for the remission of sin. By His death, Jesus reconciled us to the Father. We believe in a personal relationship with Jesus, and the public display of that commitment by water baptism.

At NBM we believe that God set in place a five-fold ministry of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers for the equipping of all believers for the work of ministry.

It is our mission here at NBM to reach out to all people with the Word of God, and by His Word, lead many to salvation in Christ Jesus.  We are non-denominational and welcome people from all races and ethnicities. We are committed to raising up leaders from within the ministry, and will assist anyone called to ministry who has a deep desire to serve the Lord.